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Does your equipment to connect?

Legacy or Modern? shop floor equipment:

There are three (3) connection classes for shop floor equipment:

1. Ready to Connect

For this, you only need to drop an Ethernet cable to the equipment or connect a wireless adapter, plug it in and set your IP and port configuration.

2. Connectable with the addition of OEM hardware and software option provided by the control vendor or MTB.

For up-gradable equipment like this, you can buy ethernet hardware, and software options such as MTConnect, OPC-UA, and OPC-DA. Contact your machine tool or control system vendor to get the hardware and software components installed. Budget about $2800/ per machine; some bulk discounts may apply. 

3. Legacy

Legacy equipment may have a simple or outdated control system. You could upgrade the controller, or add an appliance by wiring it directly to your equipment to provide data from your machine tool to your system. You can expect to get critical data like:

In some cases more information is available with an appliance. We use an appliance that is Information system ready. 

If you'd rather have someone figure all this out for you,
we can help.

Shop Status System

$200 / Machine/Mo.
  • You can own, lease, or subscribe to a cloud service.
  • Connect your shop floor to your people.
  • Identify the problems that by solving, you will become more efficient.
  • Stand alone systems, or part of a bigger solution.