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Plant Apps Pro Tip: ways to build your in-house team

People all over the country are working from home.

These steps are perfect to keep your company moving forward.

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Your three steps to building a strong team:

  1. System Diagnostics
  2. Guided Learning Options
  3. Continuous Improvement Workshops

MES System Diagnostics

An MES Diagnostic can help you understand how your system is performing and can give you visibility to any vulnerabilities that may exist in your current configuration, interfaces and integrations. This is important when considering support contracts, upgrades, expansion planning and downtime potential.

You will receive a report that provides a high-level review of your system and drills deep into the details. It provides new insights to the non-technical and technical teams. It is affordable and takes very little of your time to get going: simply help us get access to the system, and you will get your report in just a few days!

Learn how a System Diagnostic can help maintain a healthy system.
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MES Guided Learning Option

Consider this: an immersive experience where an expert works with them and guides them through their own solution. Each session is tailored to those in attendance. Start basic with the configuration, and then go deep with advanced logic and troubleshooting tips. It’s your system, it’s your class – with our expert guide.

The best part: all of the sessions are recorded and include a documented bookmark guide of the activity. You’ll have a library of resources to rely on. And, you’ll feel equipped to onboard new recruits whenever needed.

Learn more about how Guided Learning will build your team.
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Download our class syllabus.

MES Continuous Improvement Workshops

These remote sessions are designed to help you make the most of your technology investment to accomplish your company and plant-wide initiatives. Learn how you can use the tools you already have; establish and track metrics that will help your team understand how change impacts production at each step. Our dedicated expert will work with you to develop key requirements needed to collect aggregate and display information.

Learn more here about the weekly sessions tailored to your company.
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Chris Carlins

Plant Apps Pro

This Pro Tip was prepared for you by Chris Carlins. We hope you like it.