Plant Apps Pro Tip: Web Client FAQ

Check out these Frequently Asked Questions to gain the clarity you need to make the right choices. Contact us for the solution that is right for you.

Why upgrade and use the Web Client (aka: Universal Client)?

After decades of revising their existing thick-client interface, GE Digital took a bold stand to build a modern 21st-century user experience. It is a touchscreen-friendly, browser-based solution so it is compatible with all popular smart devices.

How much does it cost to buy?

In most cases, the Web Client is available to you without any additional licensing fees. Users log in using the licensing already in place. Additional client licenses may be required based on usage. Let us know more about your environment and we can give you a clear answer on that.

How much effort is needed to configure it?

Very little effort is needed after installation. The Web Client is built to work right out of the box. Your team will have access to immediately view and modify information in any standard context. Additional configuration is available to tailor a solution that fits the environment it is in.

Can screens be altered to fit our needs?

Yes! GE Digital has made the announcement that the full set of standard screens that are installed with the solution are open for changes at each site. Reconfigure and customize screens to fit your needs. Add additional custom screens. Do it all with a set of function calls fully supported by GE Digital.

What about the learning curve for users?

The traditional interface users know will remain available for them. The Web Client is simply a new alternative. A phased approach of training and transitioning users can be implemented to ensure maximum buy-in from users. Start with standardized approaches like those developed by TZ Indy.

Can this also help with finally digitizing our paper forms?

Yes! The new interface includes a new task-oriented data entry tool called “Activities”. With Activities, users only view the tasks needed to accomplish and when they are due. When all questions have been answered, the task disappears. Create new forms, or utilize the traditional Autolog screens already in place.

Who can take advantage of the Web Client?

Manufacturing companies with version 7 (or later) of Plant Applications now have access to the modern look of the Web Client. Since GE Digital only officially supports the latest few versions of the software, companies should already be considering an upgrade if they have not done so already.

What about installation?

Whether planning an upgrade to the latest version of Plant Applications, or simply adding the Web Client, the answer is the same: risk, frustration and slowdowns are minimized by asking the right questions up front. Team up with an experienced group like TZ Indy to make the whole process quick and streamlined (we have gotten pretty good at it).

Will it need its own server to run on?

Proper installation depends on the version, existing server configuration, and the overall usage of the system. It may be possible for you to install the Web Client without any additional server investment. Let us know your environment and we can tell you more.

Chris Carlins

Plant Apps Pro

This Pro Tip was prepared for you by Chris Carlins. We hope you like it.