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Outside Eyes - Experts from within and outside your industry.
Guide® Consulting Services

Enhance, Expand, Connect Software or Hardware Systems.
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Restore Service, Eliminate Problems, Best Practice Frameworks.
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Don't Waste Time On Things That Could Be Automated

Inputting information in multiple systems is a waste of time and valuable people. Ditch the spreadsheets and manual reports completed days later. Get real-time data at your fingertips and start responding to changes on the floor as they happen.

Companies Can Lose Up To $260,000 For Every Hour Machines Are Down

Reduce machine downtime with predictive maintenance. Move products through your plant faster. CNC retrofits allow you to upgrade your equipment without having to purchase a new machine. 

Vector Abstract geometric background. Template brochure design
Vector Abstract geometric background. Template brochure design

Adapt To Change And Reduce Frustration

There is nothing more frustrating than investing in a new technology just for your team to shrug it off and not utilize it to its fullest. Get help driving your organizational culture shift and make your technology useful to frontline workers!

You've been asked to do more with less. Your first step should be finding a trusted partner to connect your manufacturing software systems, legacy equipment, and modern technology.

Inside the MES

You Shouldn’t Have To Become A Software Expert To Upgrade Your Factory

We know you’re looking for every competitive advantage. You need proven tools and methods to help change how your company does things. The problem is there are so many options available you don’t know where to begin.

With Rain Engineering as your trusted partner, your digital transformation can be easily planned and methodically executed.

Manufacturing Integration for Industry 4.0

We love manufacturing, and we care about helping you.

Rain Engineering will help you tune up your MES or choose, install, and learn to use software and technology to get control of your factory.

Factory Integrations

Digital Transformation With Expert Guidance To Help You Stay Competitive

Industry 4.0 is driving rapid change in manufacturing. Nearly 70% of manufacturers are pursuing smart factory initiatives. However, only 14% of organizations say their efforts for implementing these initiatives have been successful. Most organizations face adoption challenges due to a failure to address organizational culture. 

We get it. It can be difficult to change the way people do things, which is why we’ve studied the digital transformation of hundreds of clients to bring you a streamlined method and tools to make it easy. Your technology should work for you, not against you.

Ready to Get Started? Schedule Your Needs Assessment Phone Call Now! 

Step 1:

Schedule a call with a guide to discuss your company goals and objectives. 

Need help organizing your goals? Watch this video for helpful tips:

Step 2:

We’ll meet to assess your current set up, generate a report that grades your system utilization and performance, and develop a custom plan to optimize your factory, whether that be through integrating your current tech or selecting new tech. 

Step 3:

Through a series of workshops, we’ll work with you to identify stakeholders, train your people, and implement your custom plan so you can start doing things better. 

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Get help making the most of your technology and software.
Reduced downtime duration and frequency.
Costs avoided and money saved.

In One Visit, We Can Tell You:

  1. How to connect each asset. 
  2. Which data is available from YOUR equipment.
  3. How much it will cost to connect. 
  4. How long it will take. 
  5. How to integrate your information systems to the equipment. 

When you speed up communications between your people, equipment and systems, you increase your ability to respond to change as it happens. How much more agile will your plant be if you can respond to changes on the floor as they happen?

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Robert Gage
Robert Gage
I have been collaborating with Rain Engineering for the past two years, and can state unequivocally, that this has been one of the most fruitful support relationships I have enjoyed over the last 25 years as an Automation Engineer. Their Proficy/PlantApps support goes above and beyond what is typically expected in these relationships. Our support plan has made it easy to meet up, train up, and keep initiatives moving forward.
Jeremy Winn
Jeremy Winn
My company has used Rain Engineering for years now to help train and support our software needs. The employees are knowledgeable, kind, and always available when needed. If you want peace of mind with your current set up or need help bringing your company to the next level, I would highly recommend Rain.
Ryan Legg
Ryan Legg
My experience in collaborating with their CEO, Don Rahrig was first class. Don is very knowledgeable with factory automation and is passionate about driving towards the greatest efficiencies possible for his customers. His combination of technical expertise and business savvy is an excellent combination that will drive results for your organization.
David Mills
David Mills
Rain Engineering has a great staff of engineers expert in MES/MOM and Automation applications. They've helped several of our customers. They know manufacturing!
Jason Pierre
Jason Pierre
My company has hired Rain Engineering for several projects and they have always delivered! The staff is knowledgeable, efficient and goes above and beyond to deliver the best product to fit you exact needs. I highly recommend this company!!
Jessica Hanson
Jessica Hanson
Great customer service and support! They really care and want your company to reach it's goals. Very knowledgeable and also helpful long after they install a project when you have questions.
Jim Hathaway
Jim Hathaway
I have worked with Rain Engineering for many years. In my experience with Rain, I have seen them redesign a poorly implemented MES, provide support for highly complex 24/7/365 systems, implement new features into MES, and implement a new MES in the cloud. Their technical skills are top-notch. I have worked with many other companies that provide services similar to Rain. Those other companies just don’t have the dedication to positive outcomes.
Bill Parker
Bill Parker
Excellent development capabilities in Plant Applications and reporting. Project team worked tirelessly to ensure our project was successful and sustainable. They also provide excellent support for Plant Apps, Data Collection and other MES applications.
Curtis Christensen
Curtis Christensen
Solid engineering company with strong skills in CNC, PLC, and Data Collection integration.