Connect your people to your process with MOM software and technology

Manufacturing Systems Consulting

For manufacturers who have not yet chosen their ideal systems and technology, Rain Engineering provides guidance to help remove the hype and get to an apples-to-apples comparison of the technology you’re considering, so you can make the choice about what is right for you.

Are you using Band-Aids and work-arounds in your current processes?

  • How often is your equipment down?
  • Is there a better way?

How much are your current processes costing your business? The truth is most businesses aren’t aware of these costs due to the Band-Aid approach. When an error occurs, each group creates their own temporary fix that never solves the larger problem. We have seen this impact our clients’ revenue as it limits their production capabilities. Our process improvement identifies these temporary fixes and focuses on the larger problem to ensure you are at peak production. Production efficiency leads to faster delivery to clients and an increase in sales.

Software & Equipment Integration

For manufacturers who have already chosen their ideal systems and equipment, Rain Engineering will help you get the most out of your investments by connecting your technology so data is housed in one place. Predictive maintenance ensures less downtime for your machines. Software and equipment integrations ensure streamlined data and processes so frontline workers can respond quickly to change. 

  • Is your data connected?
  • Is your data secure?
  • How do remote capabilities impact your business?


Real-time data enables your shop to accurately forecast demand and reduce waste, which increases your ability to compete in the market. Staying connected has become essential as factories approach Industry 4.0. We help by ensuring that the necessary software is properly installed to provide data visibility and information security from threats. This optimizes your customer experience and worker experience by ensuring that what-if scenarios do not wreak havoc on your shop floor.

Maintenance & Support

Rain Engineering provides on-going maintenance and support to ensure your factory is future-proof. 

  • Is your legacy technology outdated?
  • How is your inventory managed?
  • Do your people need training?


Properly allocating resources takes more than assigning responsibility and expectations. Prioritizing the needs of the business requires that the processes, technology, and people have the right support. Technology becomes outdated, processes fall behind best practices, and people lack efficiency without education. Most commonly, we see businesses struggle with efficiency because they do not allocate resources properly. Closing the gap through updating equipment, software, practices, and employees’ knowledge base can make all the difference.