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Join Manufacturing KnowHow and implement a six-step plan to optimize your factory for streamlined technology, processes, and profit. 

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Trying to Implement New Technology in a Manufacturing Plant is Overwhelming

If you don’t have a plan…

  • You waste time trying to compare technology options
  • You implement a technology that people struggle with using
  • Revenue stalls or (worse) dips while you scramble to troubleshoot

And that leads to sleepless nights and feeling like you’re wasting millions of dollars on things you don’t need. We don’t want that for you. Rain Engineering has studied the digital transformation of hundreds of clients to bring you a streamlined method and tools to make it easy. Our plan will work for you too. 

How Does Our Six-Step Plan Work?

There are six areas of your digital transformation strategy that need to be optimized if you want to compete in the world of Industry 4.0. 


How to set and communicate business goals that have the biggest impact on your digital transformation.

Plant Evaluation

How evaluating your people, processes, and hardware and software systems will impact your organizational culture. 

Gap Analysis

How to identify what changes need to be made to reach goals, and communicate to your team what’s in it for them. 


How to create a roadmap for your digital transformation journey with tasks and milestones so that every team member knows their role. 

Technology Selection

Use cases and demos to get the most out of your Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Advanced Planning System (APS), Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP), etc. 

Transformation Execution

How to start projects and get your software systems to work for you, instead of you working for your software systems. 

A transformation only succeeds when everyone’s competency and awareness is raised. The most successfully transformed companies focus on empowering each participant to know their part and how it fits in the larger picture. Manufacturing KnowHow will help you create a community around change and lead your company to success!

Your Plan for Digitally Transforming Your Factory


For just $$/year, you get access to all our on-demand courses, checklists, and worksheets. 


Get a Plan


Our on-demand courses and supplemental resources give you a plan you can easily implement to optimize the six key areas of your factory. 

Watch Your

With a plan that’s proven to work for any manufacturing plant, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can get everyone in your organization on the same page, knowing exactly what role they play, and working toward the same goal.

What is Manufacturing KnowHow?

Choosing the right manufacturing software is hard. Too often this process leads to indecision–or worse, the commitment to a system that just doesn’t fit the company’s needs.

If you are ready to start your digital transformation, or you are stuck along the way, Manufacturing KnowHow is the training platform you need to:

  • Clarify and communicate your business goals and objectives
  • Evaluate how you’re operating today and how to identify gaps in efficiency
  • Develop a roadmap to get from where you are to where you want to be
  • Select the right technology
  • Train employees on technical specifications so they know what to do when something unexpected happens
  • Communicate throughout your entire organization so that you can move as a cohesive group towards your business goals

Rain Engineering is launching a series of educational videos intended to train employees on processes and educate them in the bigger picture so that everyone in your organization is on the same page. 

Manufacturing KnowHow from Rain Engineering gives you simple and inexpensive training with workshops designed to help you prepare your entire company for a digital transformation. In addition to communicating big picture goals, it also helps your organization: 

  • Create a community around change
  • Address any fears employees may have about being “replaced” by technology or thinking “Big Brother” is watching
  • Know who to include in the transformation process and when to include them
  • Get everyone in your organization on the same page

It’s easy and it is for everyone. If you are an executive looking for a way to get everyone on the same page, a front-line worker tasked with selecting technologies, or a user who is being asked for feedback on new systems, using Knowhow will help you accelerate, without expensive consultants or misleading technology demonstrations. 

You don't have to walk this path alone. We'll guide you through the transformation process so you can be confident you're making the right choices for your company.

Manufacturing Training

Why Technology Investments Often Fail​

Many manufacturers start by asking vendors to demonstrate technology, hoping to get great ideas for how to use whichever tech is selected. This leaves vendors unclear how to help you, or what exactly to demonstrate. The team can get distracted by useful features and lose focus on the desired outcome.  That’s putting the cart before the horse. They’re skipping a couple critical steps.

When you jump straight into vendor demonstrations you end up wasting time and energy because the current process for vendors only focuses on the technology and neglects other crucial components to success: the people and the unique processes in your factory.

Does it feel like every vendor is telling you what you want to hear? That’s because they are! And, as a result, you’ll end up wasting millions of dollars on stuff you don’t need. You shouldn’t have to rely on Google and vendor demonstrations to find out what is possible.

Start with Manufacturing KnowHow before taking meetings with technology vendors

We understand that the technology selection process is overwhelming, and it’s difficult to know the right questions to ask. This is why we’ve developed tools and education to lead you on your digital transformation journey, so you can be confident you’re making the right decisions for your company.

There are many roles necessary for digital transformation. Manufacturing KnowHow prepares you to fill those roles. In addition, you’ll get clarity and synergy with standardized communication among your people, you’ll be able to choose the perfect custom setup for your organization, and you’ll have a smooth roll out process.

Get going by focusing on the business needs, and including more people quickly. Reduce the inertia of technology choices by starting with a powerful and affordable option from the start. Show them what’s possible and ask the team what they need. Build trust through inclusion and collaboration.

Keep the cart behind the horse and let your goals drive you down the path.

With us by your side, you'll have the knowledge and confidence to soar through every technology discussion and assemble your findings into clear choices to present with your team.

Transformation Shouldn't Require Millions In Consulting Fees and Training​

You recognize the need for your company to make changes, but you’re worried about wasting money on consultants you don’t need. 

With Manufacturing KnowHow, you can move forward with new technology in your factory such as implementing a new Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP), Warehouse Management System (WMS), or Advanced Planning and Scheduling System (APS) with ease. The trainings give you an opportunity to invest in the people you have. You will ultimately be more successful with initiatives if you empower the people who work for you and invest in their growth. With all of your employees on the same page, your factory transforms from a rigid and slow-changing manufacturing machine to:

  • a community with a common language and a common definition of success
  • a flexible and competitive smart factory

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