Authorized FANUC CNC System Integrator

When you see the FANUC Authorized CNC System Integrator icon, you know that machine tool builder, retrofitter or system integrator is backed by FANUC resources.  FANUC Authorized System Integrators attend FANUC training courses and conferences and receive technical support from their specialized application support teams. 

Rain Engineering is proud to be a key part of FANUC’s Authorized System Integrator (ASI) Network for CNC systems. Our team is experienced and dedicated to delivering the highest quality FANUC integration solutions.

CNC Retrofits – Industrial IOT Solutions – MT-Linki

Improve Your CNC Productivity

Support and solutions to retrofit CNC machines with Fanuc controls, and enhance the productivity of your CNC machining operations. Add the reliability and productivity of modern FANUC CNC controls to existing machines at a lower cost than buying new.

Assuming the machine tool is generally in good shape mechanically, CNC retrofitting is typically the lowest cost solution to improve the overall performance of an older machine tool. Most of the work can be completed at the machine site, avoiding costly machine rigging and transportation costs, and minimizing the downtime of your machine.

A retrofit will cost just a fraction of the total of purchasing a new machine. The lifetime estimate includes not only the difference in purchase price for a new machine, but also the additional costs of any new tooling requirements, transportation and rigging, modifications or replacement of part programs and processes, and the associated training for the operators and maintenance personnel. When savings are taken into account, versus leaving the equipment as is and accepting the current availability and performance of an outdated machine tool, a CNC retrofit can quickly pay for itself. The updated machine can perform with better quality, better efficiency, and better uptime.

Need to get a FANUC-controlled CNC machine up and running fast? Looking for control or integration advice on a CNC machine purchase or upgrade you are thinking about? Our engineers are here to help.

Expert Deployment of MT-Linki Software

FANUC MT-LINKi is fully scalable, out-of-the-box machine tool monitoring solutions that can monitor and manage data from one to one thousand machines.

Make routine operations quicker and easier:

  • Create daily and monthly reports with ease.
  • Make equipment checks less labor intensive. 
  • Go paperless for all kinds of data. 

Monitor operations remotely:

  • Be notified of alarms even when away from the factory. 
  • Reduce total duration of brief stoppages. 
  • Spend less time standing over equipment. 

Analyze operational results:

  • Do more with regularly collected data. 
  • Identify reasons for different operating rates across lines. 
  • Aggregate operational/production results more easily. 

Professional Upgrades, Break-Fix Support, & Regular Maintenance of FANUC Systems

If you need help expanding your own support team, or if you simply want someone else to maintain and support your systems, we will help get you there.

We offer customized maintenance and support plans to meet your specific needs. Schedule a call with our experts today to get started and take control of your factory’s performance and profitability! 

You can win or lose based on the integration partner you choose.

FANUC trusts Rain Engineering to deploy iiot software in ways that help you win.
CNC Retrofits - Industrial IoT Solutions - MT-Linki