Manufacturers looking to crush downtime and waste just gained a new resource

Indianapolis, IN. (July 22, 2019): Don Rahrig, a manufacturing expert and long-time provider of integration services, is pleased to announce the launch of TZ Indy, a venture that helps its customers stop downtime and waste from stealing their time and profits.

A 2017 study reveals the extent to which businesses are investing in digital tools to reduce downtime and waste:

  • 8 in 10 companies recognize that digital tools can eliminate unplanned downtime, and zero unplanned downtime is now the number one/high priority for 72% of organizations surveyed.
  • 60% of businesses confirm that digital transformation is a high/number one priority, and 56% report the same for innovation.
  • 70% of companies lack full awareness of when their equipment is due for maintenance, upgrade or replacement.

That is why it is critical for manufacturers to find the right systems and partners to enable them to diagnose, train, maintain and modernize to mitigate downtime in production. That’s where TZ Indy comes in.

As CEO and founder of TZ Indy, Rahrig had this to say: “It’s very frustrating for manufacturers to work so hard to stay competitive and to innovate while being distracted by the downtime and waste stealing profits from their pockets. Now we get to help hundreds of customers crush downtime to make their plants work like they should.”

TZ Indy offers customers a simple action plan to reduced downtime, with diagnostics, training, maintenance and modernization services, as well as a host of technology tools to connect, collect and display information from their factory floor, which increases quality, uptime and productivity.

“Whether they’re down right now or just want to prevent downtime going forward, we can help,” Rahrig said. “We even offer diagnostics that start at just $500 for those who are worried their systems could fail, or who are planning an expansion or upgrade. A diagnostic will give them the data and peace of mind they need to start working toward all their goals. The path forward couldn’t be simpler.”

TZindy is headquartered in Noblesville, Indiana. For more information, visit www.TZindy.com.