GE Digital Selected as “Customer’s Choice” by Gartner Peer Insights

Anyone who has been following the progression and growth of Rain Engineering over the past several years will know that we are proud of our partnership with our friends over at GE Digital. 

Together, both Rain Engineering and GE Digital have been able to accomplish some great goals and we foresee many more in the near future. 

It’s because of this strong relationship between our two companies that we are happy to report that GE Digital was recently highlighted by the team over at Gartner as a top performer when it comes to overall customer experience and user interest and adoption. 

What does all this mean? 

Join us today as we lay out the details of this latest accomplishment and what it means for our friends at GE Digital. 

Who is Gartner?

Gartner, Inc. is an American technological research and consulting firm based in Stamford, Connecticut that conducts research on technology and shares this research both through private consulting as well as executive programs and conferences. 

Founded in 1979 and with a customer base of over 12,000 in over 100 countries, Gartner’s clients include the likes of large corporations, government agencies, technology companies, and investment firms. 

“Voice of the Customer”

One of the many research services provided by Gartner is their accumulated “Voice of the Customer” peer perspective document. 

According to Gartner, this document is a collection of Gartner Peer Insights’ reviews combined into insights for IT decision makers. 

Mixed in with individual detailed reviews, this document is considered complementary to Gartner expert research and can play a key role in the buying process as it focuses on direct peer experiences of implementing and operating a solution. 

The accumulated data in this document, collected over an 18-month period ending in July of 2023, consists of 411 reviews and ratings from a variety of manufacturing execution system (MES) users across the industry. 

The results, as seen in the graph below (IMAGE #1), show – according to vendor interest and adoption reviews – GE Digital as being one of the top-rated companies amongst its peers when weighing three specific factors… 

  1. Review volume 
  1. User willingness to recommend 
  1. Review market coverage across industry, company size, and region 

When it comes to vendor overall experience, the scores — on a 1 (poor) to 5 (truly exceptional) scale — are considered as they fall under two additional categories… 

  1. Capabilities 
  1. Support/Delivery 

What this means for our GE Digital friends in the top right quadrant of the attached graph (IMAGE #1) is that the polled group of consumers found GE Digital to meet or even exceed both the market average Overall Experience and the market average User Interest and Adoption. 


In the chart below (IMAGE #2) we can see a more detailed accumulation of data relating to GE Digital and their scoring on this scale. 

As we clearly see, out of the 8 ranking companies included in this study, GE Digital managed to be one of the highest scoring. (… And in many areas, was the highest scoring!) 

One of the areas GE Digital managed to beat even its closest competitor on this list was in overall support experience, where it was a mere .3 points away from a perfect score. 

As a provider of GE Digital support initiatives, we here at Rain Engineering can’t help but feel pride for, not just GE Digital, but our own team as well for playing even the smallest of parts in implementing support for this major player in the manufacturing industry and assisting to achieve such a high customer rating. 


Our partnership with GE Digital continues to be one of the highlights of our business relationships and we are so grateful for the trust and commitment provided to us by the team at GE Digital. 

We here at Rain Engineering look forward to many more years of successful partnership with the wonderful team over at GE Digital and hope they will continue to trust us to take part in implementing their vast array of products and services in the years to come. 

The Wrap Up

It truly does take a team to accomplish such great goals. 

GE Digital and their support providers like Rain Engineering have worked together to provide the best experience possible for our customers. 

Together, we, and all additional partners, in lieu of any type of trophy, have been given something much more valuable… The knowledge of customer satisfaction. 

Knowing that our services are not only helpful to our customers, but appreciated as well is the driving force behind what we do every day. 

… And I’m sure we can speak for the team over at GE Digital too when we say “THANK YOU” to everyone who continues to put their faith and trust in our hands. We promise to do our best to continue to earn your business – and friendship – in the years to come. 

Here’s to many more years of success for us all! 

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