Latest IBM Survey Sheds Some Light on Tech Investments in 2023

Recently, Rain Engineering posted an article diving into the recent economic downturn and how the manufacturing industry is coping with these difficulties. (READ ARTICLE HERE)

Despite global economic concerns, however, one IBM survey recently found that technology spending could remain steady in 2023.

In the report, IBM analysts dove into the investment strategies of 4,000 global business leaders and found that more than ¾ of them planned to prioritize or invest in technology over the next year.

According to IBM, this promising outlook stems from the understanding that technology investors, over the coming months, plan to “invest in infrastructure, build AI services… for a better employee and customer experience, secure their entire digital ecosystem, and make their entire business more sustainable and resilient.” (newsroom.ibm.com)

After reviewing the survey data, IBM analysts found that there is strong interest in building a resilient infrastructure, with investments in cloud computing and hardware at 32% and 25% respectively.

In addition, many companies are planning to build services on top of that infrastructure, including AI (33%), automation (24%), and chatbots (20%), stating that such implementations are expected to help drive profitability for their businesses in 2023.

A heavy investment in these additional areas — specifically automation — would mean good things for companies like Rain Engineering who could potentially benefit from such ventures.

… But don’t let the word “automation” scare you into thinking layoffs. The two are not synonymous.

A heavy investment in the automation industry would not necessarily mean mass firings of the global workforce.

After all, companies like Rain Engineering hope to use their skills to improve your work life, not add more stress to it.

Forcing out the people who make these companies work would not get us any closer to our goal of economic recovery.

Don’t worry, your employees are safe!

In fact, when it comes to your staff, Rain’s work in the automation industry has actually helped manufacturing employees propel to the front of the line by freeing up their time and allowing them to concentrate on higher-value work.

Rain’s manufacturing experts have been helping companies like yours for decades and their team have seen firsthand how, once machines are finally connected to a company’s software and providing powerful insights and alerts, a team is provided the freedom to make smarter decisions that lead to happier employees and higher revenues.

Good for them, good for you!

It’s thoughts like these that have many in the manufacturing industry sighing with relief as the dark clouds start to part as a large investment is just what the manufacturing industry needs right now and would be a welcome gift to the struggling sector.

Of course, nobody can say for sure what the days ahead will look like, but with a brief peak at how those at the top are looking to allocate their resources in 2023, we can at least remain hopeful that the days ahead may not be quite as dark as we once anticipated.

P.S. If you’d like to get a leg up on the competition and start investing in growing your facility via the latest technological advancements, then don’t hesitate to give the team at Rain Engineering a call.

Their years of manufacturing experience are just what you need to get your business’s digital transformation started.

… And at these rates, it could be the best investment you make in 2023!