1. Install the Software

2. Configure The Trigger Rules

3. Start Getting Automated Alerts

Manually Analyzing Data To Fix System Issues Can Be Frustrating

If you don’t have automated alerts…

  • You waste time trying to figure out what the problem is
  • A problem that could have been fixed in minutes ends up taking days or weeks to resolve
  • Your company risks losing 10s of thousands of dollars in downtime

The longer a system issue lasts, the more problems occur from chain reactions. How often have you thought “if I just would have known about this 5 hours earlier, I could have fixed it”? In the age of Industry 4.0, you and your company should not have to waste any more time operating in a reactive state, putting out fires due to system issues. 

What If You Could Be Notified Of System Issues Immediately?

By utilizing the notifi © software by Kreativ, you can take your company from reactive to proactive. Not only will you be able to identify system errors immediately, but you’ll also receive automated alerts via text and email. So, you can respond to changes in real-time, before they affect your customers. 

We Don't Just Care About Manufacturing. We Care About You.

We understand how frustrating it can be when system errors start affecting your manufacturing operations. That’s why Kreativ has developed the notifi © application monitoring software to provide you with the alerts you need to identify and fix issues before they affect your business. 

Recognized industry experts to help with your unique needs

Kreativ Resources has been helping clients in the manufacturing industry for 25+ years

Proprietary software that will work with ANY text-based application

How Does It Work?

notifi © is an application monitoring software that advances support resources from reactive to proactive. Stop waiting for users to call you when a problem occurs and get ahead. notifi © monitors text based log files and SQL tables and quickly and efficiently identifies issues. Notification/Alert rules are used to allow generic or detailed definitions that identify issues and provide information to team resources to simplify their application support.

notifi © provides a SQL metric/KPI monitoring interface that will send SMS and/or email notifications/alerts to support personnel using individual resource information or user groups. Rules can be used to capture and catalog issues or have one or more alerts to almost unlimited monitoring and management. 

Kreativ LLC Has Partnered With Rain Engineering To Provide Premium Support For GE Proficy Applications

Proficy System Support That Isn't An Afterthought

You own a system that is critical to your success. How you care for that system is a reflection of how you care for your business.

Rain Engineering offers four options for technology support. These support plans are designed to keep your operations running at their peak, foster user adoption and drive front line worker engagement. Paired with your GE Digital license maintenance and product support, these plans offer tools that fit the way you work:


  • If you have a support team, but need extra horsepower to complete bigger projects, there is a plan for you.
  • If your team can take care of the basics, but sometime needs a little help for tricky or persistent issues, there is a plan for you too.
  • The Rain Engineering Proficy Support Plans meet you wherever you are and help you get where you’re going. With help from Rain Engineering, you can offer your business the proper level of support for their needs.


Take Your Company From Reactive to Proactive

If you’ve been tasked with supporting your company’s MES, stop wasting time manually analyzing data to fix system issues. Stop wasting time going back to paper. Stop wasting time relogging the issue. STOP WASTING TIME. 


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