Plant Apps Pro Tip 104

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Plant Apps Pro Tip 104

Become familiar with the extensive set of features ready to be unlocked at your company, with Proficy Plant Applications.

And now, on to the Main Feature

Proficy Plant Applications is a Manufacturing Solution at your company. It can to track all major components of your manufacturing processes.

And, what sets it apart is worth mentioning:

* It is the only manufacturing solution that can boast having all these features installed as one application.

  • Efficiency Metrics
  • Quality Assurance and Release
  • Production Schedule Tracking
  • Genealogy Track & Trace
  • A Modern User Experience
  • Advanced Discrete Tracking

Want to go beyond the “buzz words”?

Read on.

What it means for you

Consider ways Proficy Plant Applications can be useful to you while reading this high-level summary of capabilities.

Proficy Plant Applications captures details of production:

  • what was made, how it was made,
  • what it was made with, if made correctly,
  • and traced from raw material to finished good.

It has built-in analytics to determine:

  • the correlations for best ways to make it,
  • the right speed to efficiently run it,
  • and the optimal time and energy to use.

And it provides real-time insights to ensure:

  • machine stoppages are managed,
  • process variances are put back on track,
  • and alerts are raised only when needed.

All while connecting people to the process with:

  • simple entry screens to replace all paper sheets,
  • connectivity from machines to business systems,
  • and dashboards that report the status for it all.

What's next?

Discover more you can do in upcoming segments that dive further into each module.

Consider the challenges you face every day:

  • What if you had deeper information to solve with?
  • What if your system could be optimized further?

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Chris Carlins

Plant Apps Pro

This Pro Tip was prepared for you by Chris Carlins. We hope you like it.

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