Plant Apps Pro Tip 105

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Plant Apps Pro Tip 105

Consider ways an efficient system helps you and others, with your company Proficy Plant Applications system.

Better Visibility to Production Efficiency

Efficiency is one of the most straight forward metrics to calculate. Simply, count how much you produce and compare it to how much you expected to produce.

  • Efficiency: the time spent making usable product
  • Inefficiency: the time wasted not making it

It indicates how well (or poorly) the system ran. However, it does not answer the question:

Why was time wasted today?”

There are three main answers.

  • Speed: time was wasted running slow
  • Waste: time was wasted with unusable product
  • Delay: time was wasted on process stoppages

Each of these metrics can be monitored in greater detail using the solution your company already owns.

What it means for you

All experience the pains from poor visibility:

  • Operators guess at best ways to react to issues.
  • Maintenance rushes to keep up with emergencies.
  • Schedulers scramble to adjust plans.
  • Inventory teams manage varying work-in-process.
  • Purchasing works to hold suppliers accountable.
  • Finance allots for overtime and expedited shipping.
  • Capital is burned on unnecessary expansions.
  • Sales Leads make concessions and lose business.
  • Customers become discouraged when neglected.

Companies with increased visibility enjoy:

  • Increased productivity
  • Decreased costs for material and labor
  • Easy schedules with reduced variability
  • Team members feel connected

What's next?

Next segments dive deeper and consider the impact poor production has to the company that depends upon it.

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