Plant Apps Pro Tip 106

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Plant Apps Pro Tip 106

Machine stoppages ripple deep through the supply chain; grab a hold of them with your Proficy Plant Applications system.

Machine Stops cause Company Traffic Jams

A fender bender at rush hour.

     A pebble tossed in a calm lake.

          A minor stop on Production Line 3.

These minor events all have things in common. They ripple and cause other events to carry on. They magnify in their effect as more and more events occur.

A traffic jam is an example near and dear to us all. Conditions change each day based on factors like fender benders, thruway design, construction and inclement weather. The more these factors combine, the worse the traffic jams gets — the good days and the bad days.

Traffic jams can catch us off guard with unexpected delays. They make us late for events. We make plans to avoid them or choose to simply stay put. The larger the jam, the larger the disruption.

Good news: when people are aware, they can work together to overcome by sharing their own views.

Traffic jams can be reduced and made more predictable, using analytics. Thruway designs can optimize their flow. Expenses for night-time construction can be justified. Procedures can be implemented for crash sites. Salt can be applied when ice is in the forecast.

When the right people get together, many different challenges can be identified and solved as one team effort. Machine stoppages is a topic that impacts the entire company.

What it means for you

Efficient systems reduce stoppage issues.

Traffic jams occur at your plant all the time — product simply does not get out the door on time.

Many challenges that people face are hidden behind this elusive and variable issue of machine stoppages.

There are challenges you face daily that have a root cause related to machine stoppages. Consider what they might be and how they can be addressed today.

What's next?

Proficy Plant Applications has the ability to monitor, record and analyze patterns for machine stoppages. It can apply the information to contexts for deeper insights and solve the challenges of the day. It can help to design a better life for all.

Here are some ways to get started today.

  • Enhance analytics with more inputs and categorization
  • Get analyzing downtime to gain new insights
  • Improve scheduling forecasts based on scenarios
  • Analyze historical data to identify and reduce patterns
  • Add real-time data to help react to issues
  • Build maintenance plans to optimize health

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Chris Carlins

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