Plant Apps Pro Tip 107

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Plant Apps Pro Tip 107

Many issues that slow production down elude the naked eye; view them with your Proficy Plant Applications system.

Quality Time is never time wasted

Quality time with friends and family is important. Life bombards us with demands and distractions. When reacting to daily problems, it is easy to let entire weeks go by before realizing how things have slipped.

Things get away from us when we don’t keep our focus.

In the manufacturing world, production plans and budgets can quickly derail into a messy situation.

Production is not a fixed constant. It moves and changes each day, and there are specific reasons for that at your company.

The word that describes this is called “variability”, and it can appear in many forms.

  • Raw materials differ by season, supplier & others.
  • Processes vary in temperature, pressure & others.
  • Machines wear and behave differently over time.
  • Experienced workers adapt quicker than others.

Successful people know the key to a great day is to prepare from the start and to work through the day with intent. Doing so, we can maximize our time and clearly address the obstacles that stand in our way.

Fortunately, this translates well in the manufacturing world. There is a way to track and quantify the impact of this by using the Efficiency Metric.

The entire process can be measured in terms of time. Partially disposed batches, kickoffs dropping into buckets, and rework are all examples of wasted time.

When these seemingly disparate issues are normalized to the same scope of machine usage, each can be monitored and compared to one another.

What it means for you

Efficient systems reduce variability in the process.

Quality time is important for a good work-life balance.

The same is true for the production environment. When things are going well:
– production is completed on time
– workers and schedulers enjoy a smooth day
– material is put to good use with high yields
– the supply chain has a stable foundation

When you team up with others in your organization, initiatives can be planned that are mutually beneficial to multiple departments.

Start spending quality time, together.

What's next?

A system like Proficy Plant Applications goes beyond traditional tracking methods. Simple sensors and calculations provide higher granularity and shed light on the problem areas of the production day.

With Proficy Plant Applications, you have the ability to reduce variability and ensure a smooth day, every day. Here are some ways to get started.

  • Track ALL kickoff and other production wastes.
  • Identify issues wasting time by making bad product.
  • Capture and correlate process and quality data.
  • Define specifications and actions based on findings.
  • Include manual entry in this system instead of paper.
  • Connect lab devices for seamless inclusion of data.
  • Implement smart alarms that guide workers.
  • Arm your team to correct issues before they occur.

How well does your company use the machines it owns?

How often do things go well, or inexplicably go poorly?

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Chris Carlins

Plant Apps Pro

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