Plant Apps Pro Tip 108

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Plant Apps Pro Tip 108

Fine tune the production speed for each and every scenario, made easy with your Proficy Plant Applications system.

Put things into Context

How do you know when it’s been a good day?

Many of the tips that are highlighted in these segments show just how important a smooth operating manufacturing system means for the company it serves. When the production process suffers, so does the business that supports it.

The answer to how well each day went is found in well-defined metrics. They indicate how well the machines ran, the yield they were able to obtain, and many other indicators. A well-monitored system defines and measures metrics as guideposts to a successful day. With clear metric goals, the team is unified toward success.

Then, how do you define the goals of the day?

Some days are more challenging than others: perhaps the bottles being filled are smaller; the material is more viscous; the changeover between products is more intensive; or an experienced worker is unavailable.

Properly setting goals includes taking into account these factors. It also means having the visibility to understand why some days fall short. When setting and analyzing goal attainment, these contexts must be tracked.

So, goals can be defined and fine-tuned for each context?

Yes, Proficy Plant Applications is purposefully built to track all of these contexts (and more). It aids in defining realistic goals for each scenario. The system determines the capability of the process with quantities to make and which ideal speeds. With these settings, every day the system tracks and compares how well the process ran.

Your company is then equipped for the continuous loop of addressing issues and increasing capabilities. You can fine tune the process for every scenario, increase production and decrease the variability from day to day. You now have the confidence to define what it means to have a good day, and then achieve it — with your Proficy Plant Applications solution.

What it means for you

Finely tuned systems unify a company.

Many companies struggle with daily expectations and scramble at the end of a quarter to understand what went wrong, and why. It can be difficult to filter through the noise of contexts and reasons why some days were less productive.

When a company captures these contexts and quantifiably records production against a set of expectations, they are prepared for any scenario. Departments of a company become a team when everyone has a clear understanding of what needs to be done.

What's next?

Spread the word. A healthy system benefits everyone, and it needs everyone’s support to become its best.

Consider how analytics from this system could help you accomplish daily tasks — or remove them completely.

Consider how clear goals would unite initiatives and give your department the information it has been missing.

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Chris Carlins

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