Plant Apps Pro Tip 111

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Plant Apps Pro Tip 111

This segment introduces the modern user experience of Proficy Plant Applications and provides reasons to consider it at your site.

Get to know the modern interface

Though known for its powerful analytics and ability to quickly put data into context, Proficy Plant Applications admittedly lags behind many other solutions with the user interface — until now.

The game has changed and GE Digital has entered the modern web-based interface, splendidly.

GE Digital is on a mission to rebuild the decades-old interface. The solution is sleek, fast, and constantly getting new features added.

Advantages to the new modern interface include:
Smart – Use any popular device (tablet, phone, PC)
Thin – no client installation or updates needed by IT
Flexible – screens can be altered to fit your needs
Powerful – interface based on decades of experience

What it means for you

In previous segments, we discussed how every person at your site can benefit from Proficy Plant Applications. In many cases, that means access to the analytics and alerts provided by the system in real-time.

This reality has fallen short in the past with a traditional software client that requires installation and updates. These constraints reduced the number of people that had access on their own computers.

Now everyone on your team can stay connected to production processes using modern tools. The Web Client is designed with HTML5 at its core. All that is needed is a device with a network connection, an updated browser and valid credentials.
– Windows computers
– Smartphones, tablets, Chromebooks

Get connected to the valuable information stored in the Proficy Plant Applications solution.

What's next?

Want to learn more?
FAQ for the Plant Applications Web Client

Look for upcoming segments that explore specific details about features and functionality of the Web Client.

Check to see if your system meets the basic requirements. If not, no problem: team with TZ Indy and gain the experience that comes with dozens of upgrades.

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