Plant Apps Pro Tip 112

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Plant Apps Pro Tip 112

This segment provides a simplified walkthrough of data as it travels from the plant floor machines to your Proficy Plant Applications system.

Connect with your Technical Team

One of the powerful aspects of Plant Applications is its ability to convert the many forms of plant floor data into contextualized information.

Many of these segments cover just how important this simple fact is. Now, let’s take a moment to peer inside the system to understand how the magic works.

This booklet will give you a general overview and its perfect for someone that wants to interact with the technical team at your company.

Read about it here: Understanding Data Flow from the Shop Floor to Proficy

And watch the video below.

What it means for you

The more your team knows about the system, the more you can put into action. Get connected to your process. Take a glance into the inner workings and then pass along the news to others in your company.

What's next?

Pass along the news of this example of resources available to you and your team.

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Chris Carlins

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