Pick a minimum of 10 machines in your plant, and we will evaluate the equipment’s connectivity capability and a provide a report that clearly communicates your options for connectivity and our recommendations.

Setting Expectations.

Once you order a diagnostic, we will schedule a kickoff meeting with the people involved from your business and ours. We will be certain to find out what we need to know to safely enter your plant and interact with your people and equipment. We will discuss your goals and get everyone on the same page. We will lay out a plan to get things moving quickly.

The on-site work.

We will travel to your site and complete any required training or onboarding not already covered online. Then we will gather all the facts about your equipment, taking photos and reviewing electrical diagrams.

After we leave.

Once the onsite work is complete, we will take the information back to our facility put together a report summarizing key details that will help you create a connectivity strategy.

  You will have a very clear picture of:
  • What hardware BOM will be needed to connect.
  • How much it will cost.
  • How long it will take to connect.
  • What data your assets will provide once connected.

This offering has a 10 machine minimum order.
No additional travel costs in the continental USA.