Get your kit containing all the components you need to connect your machine to an information system.

Pair this with our Connectivity Assessment and you’ll know exactly where to connect the kit and you can collect data in no time.

This Kit contains:

  • Qty. 1(one) IioT Edge device
  • Qty. 1 (one) 9 inch DIN rail and (3) self tapping screws
  • Qty. 1 (one) 20 foot length of 6 conductor control cable
  • Qty. 1 (one) 10 foot length of 3 conductor control cable
  • Qty. 1 (one) Pack of preprinted wire labels
  • Qty. 1 (one) 24VDC Power Supply
  • Qty. 4 (four) interface relays
  • Qty. 1 (one) Wire tie and adhesive base packageAssessment