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RainCloud MES® Eliminates Expensive IT infrastructure and Opens All Manufacturers to the Same Software Tools Used by Industry Giants.

Noblesville, IN (October 24, 2022): Proficy MES software has been used by billion-dollar manufacturers to reduce costs and increase productivity for years. But for manufacturers constrained by the costs of expanding their IT infrastructure, it wasn’t always an option. That’s all about to change, because today Rain Engineering CTO Christopher Carlins announced the launch of RainCloud MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems). Rain Engineering is putting award winning Proficy® MES in the hands of those who need it, no matter the size of the manufacturing company.

Carlins stated, “Currently, If a company wants to use the best software to improve their operations, they have to bear the burden of buying and maintaining servers, networks, cybersecurity and database management software, and the ongoing commitments of a substantial IT support team to keep things running smoothly. This makes it extremely difficult to stay competitive. We want to change that.”

RainCloud MES will allow any manufacturer to leverage productivity tools used by global companies and a system can be installed in a very short time. If a company is highly automated, they can leverage Rain’s connectivity solutions to get the shopfloor ready to talk to IT systems. If the plant’s process is manual, Rain conducts a series of impactful workshops to turn paper processes into digital ones. Once RainCloud MES is connected, process experts from Rain will help develop the user adoption plan for front-line workers to start using the system in impactful ways. Raincloud MES can easily scale with the needs of the company. It provides a predictable cost and return on investment without the upfront burden of building an IT infrastructure that it could take years to grow into.

“RainCloud MES can aid manufacturers in transforming their businesses into more flexible, efficient, and profitable competitors in the global marketplace,” said Carlins.

Director of Enablement Jeff Mooers added; “Imagine having the insight into your factory’s performance and being able to address problems as they arise so downtime is kept to a minimum while quality can be at its highest. Your market share continues to increase because your ability to meet consumer demand consistent and reliable. Your company stays ahead of its competition with high machine utilization and low budget waste. That’s the goal for RainCloud MES.”

Learn more about RainCloud MES at https://raincloudmes.com

To learn more about using software and technology to increase performance and profitability, go to raineng.com/home

To learn more about Proficy® from GE Digital:  https://www.ge.com/digital/applications/manufacturing-execution-systems/plant-applications.

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