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Rain Engineering Helps U.S. Manufacturers Use Software and Technology to Take Control of Plant Performance and Profitability. 

Noblesville, IN (November 1, 2020): Today, CEO Don Rahrig announced the launch of Rain Engineering – a firm created to help U.S. manufacturers use software and technology to take control of plant performance and profitability. By moving products through the factory faster, scheduling and delivering on time, and increasing quality scores, manufacturers gain a competitive edge and delight customers. Rain Engineering helps companies deploy and adopt software and technology designed to help manufacturers do everything better.

“Manufacturers are losing money because they don’t move orders through the plant fast enough,” Rahrig said. “Customers will buy somewhere else if you can’t deliver quality products, on time.”

Rain Engineering guides each manufacturer through a 4-step process to ensure the best results. The first step is to diagnose the company’s existing technology and identify what’s needed to achieve the stated goals. The manufacturer then participates in a series of workshops designed to align business leadership and their critical front-line teams, so everyone is working together. Next, subject matter experts will help choose the right software and technology, then set an adoption plan. Finally, small and impactful system deployments will aid the manufacturer in transforming the business into a more flexible, efficient and profitable competitor in the global marketplace.

Rahrig adds, “Imagine how competitive a manufacturer can be when quality products are moving through their factory as planned and being delivered to customers on time, every time.

Rain Engineering’s founder spent the last year examining software and technology implementations of manufacturers from various industries. Rain has incorporated the best practices from the clients enjoying the best ROI, improved quality scores, higher customer satisfaction, and increased profitability into a 3 step plan each company can use to start increasing performance and profitability. Rahrig adds, “Once they begin this transformation, our manufacturing clients will find new ways to continuously improve, and well prepared to answer the question: ‘What’s next?’”

To learn more about using software and technology to increase performance and profitability, go to raineng.com/home

Don Rahrig is founder ROWhy Co. and TZ Indy. For nearly 30 years, he has helped manufacturers master their manufacturing systems.

Rain Corporation is headquartered in Noblesville, Indiana. For more information, visit www.RainEng.com.

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