Taking Your MES to the Next Level

If – like us — you’re one of the millions embracing the benefits of the Industry 4.0 digital revolution, you know all too well that your manufacturing execution system (MES) is a vital component of your facility’s daily operations.

As the leading component of your business’s daily operations, your MES plays a pivotal role in guiding, triggering, and reporting on plant activities as they occur.

As a tool that has proven time and time again to increase productivity and cut down on overhead costs and delays, an investment in a reliable MES system has become one of the best – and most popular — investments one can make in the manufacturing industry.

Yes, as an early MES adopter, you’re probably already well aware of this.

What you might not be aware of, however, is what’s coming next…

The Future of Your MES

There looks to be good news ahead for those of us who have made a significant investment in the MES world.

Already a highly valued sector, the MES market is estimated to grow to a robust $5.4 billion market value by 2031, according to ABI Research.

This projected growth stems from the continued growth in popularity of MES software across the manufacturing industry.

You see, the future is all about connectivity, and a more connected plant is a more productive plant.

As more and more Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices find their way into manufacturing facilities across the globe, ways to optimize those devices continue to become a more critical technological focus across the board.

That’s where your MES is going to help.

By relying on the information given to you by your MES, manufacturers are not only going to have a better contextual understanding into their shop floor’s status, but the proper MES software will allow manufacturers to act proactively with any given information, working to get in front of issues BEFORE they arise. This helps save your employees time and you serious capital.

As for productivity, the appropriate MES software can help manufacturers mitigate the pressures of keeping up with a rapidly fluctuating market by providing real-time visibility for optimizing production processes in a highly adaptable way.

The high adaptability and customizability of MES software allows organizations to adapt the MES solution to specific processes and workflows, incorporating industry-specific terminology and requirements.

In fact, according to ABI Research, as more of today’s manufacturers shift from mass production to mass personalization, by 2031, the customized manufacturing sector could have a market value of more than $1.35 trillion, helping prove, yet again, just how promising the future looks for this growing sector.

A Few Hurdles

Now, it must be said, implementing an MES may pose a few challenges to anyone going through this process for the first time.

While we stand by our belief that MES implementation is going to make your life MUCH easier, as might be expected with such a big technological move on your plant floor, there will more than likely be a few issues that you will need to address before everything is fully operational and running seamlessly.

Such issues could include anything from staff resistance to change, data accuracy, and/or system integration complexities.

To overcome such problems should they arise, organizations should prioritize change management strategies, ensuring open communication and involving employees throughout the entirety of the implementation process. It is vital to establish data governance practices and impellent robust data validation mechanisms to maintain data accuracy and integrity.

And by including your staff IN the conversation, rather than forcing them to stand on the sidelines while these impactful decisions are made, you reinforce their value as an employee and give them a sense of security that they may need during this time of transition.

Additionally, organizations should work closely with vendors and internal IT teams to address system integration challenges and ensure seamless connectivity between the MES and other systems currently in use.

The Wrap Up

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, we are 100% behind the Industry 4.0 revolution.

We truly believe we are at the forefront of one of the most pivotal industry revolutions in history.

For those of you who have already prepared for the future, we’re on the same page.

For those of you who have yet to take that step, listen up…

The successful implementation of a Manufacturing Execution System requires careful planning, system selection and a well-executed implementation process.

Despite the few challenges that may arise, however, the benefits of MES implementation are substantial and can drive significant improvements in manufacturing operations.

If industry predictions are right (which we believe they are) anyone who hasn’t taken the necessary steps to ensure their facilities future by investing in their digital transformation is only prolonging the inevitable and runs the risk of being left behind entirely.

Don’t let this happen to you!

Take action today to make sure your business has a secure spot in tomorrow’s world by futureproofing your facility with a full Industry 4.0 transformation.

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