Company Takes Steps to Revolutionize the Manufacturing Industry

Have you ever caught yourself uttering the phrase, “If only I had known before…”?

Often in times of distress, this is one of the first things that comes to mind.

… If only I had known there was something wrong with the car before the crash!

… If only I had known the wiring was faulty before the fire!

… If only…

Yes, this wish is often uttered, but seldom enforced. After all, you can’t predict the future.

But what if there was a way you could be notified as soon as an issue arises, allowing you to respond and avert any pending problems before they become your customer’s problems? Wouldn’t that be just as good?

Join us today as we share the details behind the initiatives of one company and their revolutionary software that actually does have the power to help you resolve those pending issues BEFORE they become costly errors and how this transformative business practice could be implemented in your very own facility!

Kreativ LLC

As a long-standing staple in the manufacturing industry, Rain Engineering has had the great privilege to make some lasting relationships in the field.

Whether it be our friends at GE, ABB, or Kellanova, we value each and every one of our relationships and do what we can to make sure the feeling is mutual.

It’s on this relationship building journey that we came across the team at Kreativ LLC.

Kreativ LLC specializes in solving your manufacturing problems. (and seeing as we’re talking about the manufacturing world, we can all agree problems can be all too prevalent.)

After several long discussions relating to the many common issues we’ve faced as two driving forces in the field, it wasn’t long before we realized – by combining the creative elements offered by Kreativ LLC and the many resources available to us here at Rain Engineering, we had in our hands the power to share something with the world that could actually make a difference.

This is the moment notifi © was born.

Introducing notifi ©

As a competitive, growing business, we don’t make it a practice to share our revolutionary secrets with the public. After all, any resources we have at our disposal only make us stronger as a company, right?

Well, yes that’s true, but on rare occasions, there comes a resource that is bigger than any of us.

A resource that has so much potential that it would be a crime against our manufacturing community not to share it with the world.

This is the predicament we here at Rain Engineering recently found ourselves in. Fortunately for the world, we have decided to lean on the side of the greater good and spill the beans.

… That’s where notifi © enters the story.

Our team here at Rain Engineering has spent the entirety of their careers enveloped in the manufacturing world and, we can probably count on one hand the number of times we’ve come across a resource that is truly groundbreaking.

Folks, this is one of those times and notifi © is one of those resources.

notifi © is an application monitoring software that advances support resources from reactive to proactive.

No longer will you stand around waiting for users to call you when a problem occurs. notifi © monitors text-based log files and SQL tables and quickly and efficiently identifies issues.

In addition, Notification/Alert rules are used to allow generic or detailed definitions that identify issues and provide information to team resources to simplify their application support.

notifi © provides a SQL metric/KPI monitoring interface that will send SMS and/or email notifications/alerts to support personnel using individual resource information or user groups. Rules can be used to capture and catalog issues or have one or more alerts to almost unlimited monitoring and management.

All of this – and much more – is now possible within one application, which is why we feel compelled to share this story with you.

Practical Implementation

As a leader in the manufacturing field, we know the sacrifices you’ve made for the sake of your business.

We understand because, as a growing business ourselves, we’ve made similar sacrifices.

It’s this common thread that runs through our field that connects all manufacturers across the industry.

It’s this shared story that allows us to put ourselves in your place in a variety of scenarios…

For example, we understand you own a system that is critical to your success.

We also understand that the way you care for that system is a direct reflection of how you care for your business.

That’s why we want to help make sure you’re prepared to tackle whatever issues may come your way so you can continue to remain profitable in the years to come.

To help meet this goal, Rain Engineering offers four options for technology support.

These support plans are designed to keep your operations running at their peak, foster user adoption and drive front line worker engagement.

Paired with your GE Digital license maintenance and product support, these plans offer tools that fit the way you work:

  • If you have a support team, but need extra horsepower to complete bigger projects, there is a plan for you.
  • If your team can take care of the basics, but sometime needs a little help for tricky or persistent issues, there is a plan for you too.
  • The Rain Engineering Proficy Support Plans meet you wherever you are and help you get where you’re going. With help from Rain Engineering, you can offer your business the proper level of support for their needs.

The Wrap Up

Well, there you have it. The details behind the notifi © story.

We hope you use this information wisely and as intended… To help combat those pending issues that are sure to arise for anyone fully emerged in the manufacturing field.

By taking advantage of notifi © and the many benefits it has to offer your team and your company, you will soon have the power to catch any issues that may arise the minute they happen.

This timely notification process allows you to resolve this problem before it has a chance to become your customers problem, costing you time, money, and manpower.

To learn more about the many ways notifi © can help your facility do better, or to connect with a representative at Rain Engineering to get your notifi © journey started, CLICK HERE!