Top 10 Manufacturing States in the USA

Manufacturing has long been the backbone of the United States economy, contributing significantly to its growth, innovation, and global competitiveness. 

Within the vast expanse of American industry, certain states stand out as powerhouses in manufacturing prowess. 

… These states not only drive economic output but also serve as hubs for innovation, job creation, and technological advancement. 

Today, let’s take a road trip across the United States and explore the TOP 10 manufacturing states in the nation, diving deeper into their key industries, contributions, and the factors propelling the successes of each. 

Did your state make the list? Buckle up and let’s find out! 

10. New York:

Number of Manufacturing Jobs – 378,345 

Number of Manufacturing Companies – 13,996 

We begin our trip in beautiful New York! 

New York’s manufacturing sector is diverse, ranging from aerospace and defense to electronics and medical equipment. 

With most of the state’s  jobs centered within New York City itself (56%), the state’s overall access to global markets, research institutions, and skilled workforce fosters innovation and entrepreneurship in manufacturing. 

New York’s investments in high-tech manufacturing and sustainable practices drive industry resilience and growth, positioning the state as a leader in advanced manufacturing. 

… And as home to some of the nation’s top companies (Pfizer, IBM, Lockheed Martin, etc.) it’s no wonder the Empire State managed to make it into the TOP 10! 

9. North Carolina:

Number of Manufacturing Jobs – 554,784 

Number of Manufacturing Companies – 554,784 

Next up we head to the Southern United States… 

North Carolina’s manufacturing sector encompasses aerospace, biotechnology, textiles, and furniture industries. 

The state’s skilled workforce, research universities, and business-friendly environment attract manufacturers seeking innovation and growth opportunities. 

Over the past few years, the state has managed to win some major new enterprises, including EV maker VinFast, which specifically chose North Carolina for its first U.S. automotive facility, FUJIFILM’s new massive $2 billion large-scale cell culture manufacturing plant, and Toyota’s major battery manufacturing facility, in the Greensboro-Randolph area. 

As you can see, North Carolina’s commitment to advanced manufacturing technologies and supply chain optimization has done wonders to enhance its global competitiveness, driving economic prosperity and open up opportunities for job creation, bringing it to NUMBER 9 on our countdown. 

8. Wisconsin:

Number of Manufacturing Jobs – 574,469 

Number of Manufacturing Companies – 9,242 

Cheese anyone? 

Wisconsin is renowned for its manufacturing excellence, particularly in machinery, agriculture, and food processing. 

The state’s strong tradition of craftsmanship, coupled with advanced manufacturing capabilities, positions it as a leader in precision manufacturing and automation technologies. 

With a skilled workforce and strong focus on innovation, the state has managed to draw some major enterprises to its borders over the past few years. 

Wisconsin’s investment in workforce development and industry partnerships sustains its manufacturing competitiveness, driving innovation and growth. 

… And with Dawn Equipment opening a second factory in South Milwaukee and Serta Simmons Bedding announcing plans to expand their Janesville manufacturing facilities, Wisconsin has truly earned their place in our TOP 10 list! 

7. Indiana:

Number of Manufacturing Jobs – 585,789 

Number of Manufacturing Companies – 8,188 


What would any American road trip be without a stop at the Crossroads of America? 

Indiana’s manufacturing sector is anchored by automotive, pharmaceuticals, and machinery industries. 

The state’s pro-business environment, favorable tax policies, and robust logistics infrastructure attract manufacturers seeking operational efficiency. 

Indiana’s focus on workforce training and industry collaboration fosters continued growth and innovation in manufacturing, solidifying its position as a manufacturing powerhouse. 

Indiana manufacturers export products worldwide, with a quarter of the state’s factories distributing their products internationally. 

Home to such manufacturing powerhouses such as Eli Lilly & Co., Toyota, and Subaru, (as well as home to the great Rain Engineering) there’s no question how the Hoosier state managed to race its way into our TOP 10! 

6. Pennsylvania:

Number of Manufacturing Jobs – 710,372 

Number of Manufacturing Companies – 13,511 

Clearly, we have no concern about mileage on this road trip because next we head to a state we have probably already passed through once already when we left New York on our way to North Carolina, but just bear with us… It’s the historic state of Pennsylvania! 

Pennsylvania’s manufacturing heritage spans steel production, machinery, and chemical industries. 

The state’s manufacturing base has diversified to include advanced materials, energy equipment, and medical devices. 

Pennsylvania’s access to raw materials, skilled workforce, and research institutions fuels manufacturing innovation and drives economic growth. 

With investments in workforce development and industry partnerships, Pennsylvania remains a key player in American manufacturing. 

5. Michigan:

Number of Manufacturing Jobs – 711,807 

Number of Manufacturing Companies – 12,238 

Next, we take a turn north and head to the Great Lakes State, Michigan! 

Michigan’s manufacturing legacy is deeply intertwined with the automotive industry, home to major automakers and suppliers, being home to the Big Three (Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler) as well as a growing number of semiconductor and EV battery suppliers. 

Beyond automobiles, the state specializes in advanced manufacturing, aerospace, and defense industries. 

Michigan’s expertise in engineering, research, and development fuels innovation and drives manufacturing excellence. 

With a skilled workforce and a supportive business environment, Michigan continues to lead the way in manufacturing innovation, helping bring it to NUMBER 5 on our countdown. 

4. Illinois:

Number of Manufacturing Jobs – 735,084 

Number of Manufacturing Companies – 14,660 


Just a short drive from Michigan, next we head to Illinois, the Land of Lincoln (which also just so happens to be the land of manufacturing)! 

Illinois boasts a diverse manufacturing sector encompassing machinery, food processing, chemicals, and fabricated metal products. 

The state’s strategic location, transportation infrastructure, and skilled workforce make it an attractive destination for manufacturers. 

Over the past several years, the state has seen some major EV companies begin setting up shop within its borders, including Rivian’s growing EV manufacturing plant. 

In addition, Illinois is home to some major automotive, food processing, and industrial machinery sectors, making this state a well-rounded manufacturing stronghold. 

Illinois’s commitment to workforce development and technological innovation sustains its manufacturing leadership, driving economic growth and competitiveness. 

3. Ohio:

Number of Manufacturing Jobs – 864,867 

Number of Manufacturing Companies – 14,907 

Staying in the Midwest, next we head back through Indiana and over to the Buckeye State, Ohio! 

Nestled in the heart of the Midwest, Ohio boasts a rich industrial heritage and a thriving manufacturing sector. 

The state excels in automotive manufacturing, aerospace, steel production, and advanced materials. 

Like its neighbor state, Indiana, Ohio is also a major exporter, being listed as the ninth-largest exporter of goods in the entire United States. 

In addition, Ohio is home to some of the industry’s largest companies including Honda, GE Aviation Systems, Sherwin Williams, Parker Hannifan, and Whirlpool. 

Ohio’s central location, well-developed supply chain networks, and collaborative industry-academia partnerships foster innovation and drive manufacturing excellence. 

From producing automobiles to next-generation materials, Ohio remains a vital manufacturing hub. 

2. Texas:

Number of Manufacturing Jobs – 1,088,582 

Number of Manufacturing Companies – 17,637 


The Alamo isn’t the only thing you should remember when thinking of the great state of Texas… 

Renowned for its energy sector, the Lone Star State boasts a robust manufacturing industry as well! 

The state’s manufacturing landscape includes petroleum refining, chemical production, electronics, and machinery manufacturing. 

In addition, Texas has major strongholds in industrial machinery, fabricated metals, and food processing. 

Home to Lockheed Martin and L3Harris as well as electronics giants such as Apple NXP Semiconductors and, most recently EV giant TESLA with its Gigafactory, Texas’s business-friendly policies, low taxes, and abundant energy resources attract manufacturers seeking cost-effective operations. 

With a skilled workforce and extensive transportation infrastructure, Texas continues to thrive as a manufacturing powerhouse, coming in at NUMBER 2 on our countdown. 

1. California:

Number of Manufacturing Jobs – 1,385,974 

Number of Manufacturing Companies – 23,078 

Much like the millions of Americans before us, our long journey ends in the Western state of California. 

Best known for its Silicon Valley tech hub, California is also the nation’s manufacturing juggernaut. 

Home to manufacturing sites for industry giants like Bay Center Foods, the state’s diverse economy encompasses aerospace, biotechnology, electronics, and automotive sectors, among others. 

In addition, California is also the nation’s largest manufacturing exporter, with an output of approximately $324 billion annually. (To put that into perspective, that’s almost $1,000 per person in the entire U.S.!) 

From producing cutting-edge electric vehicles to pioneering renewable energy technologies, California’s manufacturing prowess is fueled by their population’s unmatched amount of creativity and innovation. 

The state’s strategic location, skilled workforce, and access to venture capital further bolster its position as a leader in advanced manufacturing, making the Golden State a well-deserved NUMBER 1 in our countdown. 

The Wrap Up

The TOP 10 manufacturing states in the United States represent a diverse array of industries, technologies, and innovations driving the nation’s economic prosperity. 

These states leverage their unique strengths, skilled workforce, and collaborative ecosystems to maintain leadership in manufacturing excellence. 

As manufacturing continues to evolve in the digital age, these states are poised to embrace emerging technologies, sustainability practices, and workforce development initiatives to shape the future of American manufacturing. 

Through continued investment, innovation, and collaboration, these states will remain at the forefront of the global manufacturing landscape, driving economic growth and prosperity for years to come. 

P.S. Did your state make the list? 

If so, your business certainly has a lot to live up to! 

If, however, you don’t see your state listed above, don’t worry… All it takes is a bit of ingenuity and ambition to add to the growing count of manufacturers across the entire nation that could very well help propel their individual states even higher in the list of top manufacturing states. 

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