Mfg-KnowHow Series: Inside the MES

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Mfg-KnowHow Series: Inside the MES



Mfg-KnowHow Series: Inside the MES – Priced per USER
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Nothing ruins a manufacturing organization’s efficiency and profitability faster than poor communication. And just to make everything even more difficult,  all levels within an organization communicate differently. Operations, quality, maintenance, C-level executives, OT professionals…it’s almost as if they all speak a different language.

Fortunately, there’s a solution.

Having the best possible understanding of your Manufacturing Execution System (MES) lets everyone in a manufacturing organization speak the same language. But learning the ins and outs of an MES can be complicated, and often confusing.

That’s why “Inside the MES” exists.

The “Inside the MES” series on our Manufacturing KnowHow e-learning video platform is designed to connect people in all manufacturing roles to their facility’s processes and technology (and to each other) in an informative but non-technical way. You can use this e-book as a follow-along accompaniment to the video series, or as a standalone tool.

In the videos, we’ll:

·         Explore the components, functions, and additional details of your MES

·         Compare the previous generation of MES to the traditional paper-based methods, and demonstrate (through examples) how digitized MES allows for more detailed information aggregation

·         Provide insights (including examples) into how modern downtime information collection can deliver actionable insights

·         Discuss the concept of data flow within the manufacturing environment, starting from the machine floor to the MES

So, now that you’re as excited as we are about the prospect of delving deeper into your MES, let’s get started…