Mfg-KnowHow Series: SQL for Plant Applications- Parts 1 & 2

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Mfg-KnowHow Series: SQL for Plant Applications 20+Videos



Mfg-KnowHow Series: Microsoft SQL for Plant Applications- Parts 1 & 2 Priced per USER
20+ videos with the fundamentals for using SQL with Plant Applications
This class is for people who are:
  • Interested in learning how to program in SQL specifically for use with Plant Apps
  • Have a fundamental understanding of PA component (ex: Plant Model, Specifications, etc.)
  • Looking for fun and easy ways to learn
After the course, people can expect to be able to:
  • Gain an intermediate level of SQL programming experience
  • Query main the configuration of Plant Apps
  • Query variable and event data for debugging and analysis
  • Use SQL for advanced configuration of Event and Calculation logic
  • Use SQL for updating Plant Apps database using its unique Result Set message system
Phase 1 Objectives
  • Capture the Speed of each machine in PA and then query the data in SQL.
  • Learn about joining tables in a query.
  • Learn some basics on what is needed in many queries.
  • Learn how to use Views and build reusable standard queries.
  • Learn how to use Table Variables to aid in building more complex queries.
Phase 2 Objectives:
  • Capture the time of each set of widgets made and quality about each set.
  • Compare the results to see correlation between Speed / Quality / Quantity.
  • Learn several uses for using comments in code.
  • Learn how to sort queries and work with null values.